European Seafood… customizes your aquarium!

European Seafood offers a range of customized aquariums for the purpose of storing and/or displaying live seafood products to various clients which are mainly hotels and restaurants depending on their requirements and space availability. Ready-made aquariums with the base and cover are also available in different sizes ranging from 60cm length, up to 150cm length, and the color of the base and cover of the aquarium depends on the client’s request.

The live seafood products which are stored in the customized aquarium or the ready-made ones are:

1)      Live Canadian Lobster

2)      Live Australian Lobster

3)      Live Boston Lobster

4)      Live New Zealand Lobster

5)      Live Blue Lobster

6)      Live Mud Crab

7)      Live King Crab

8)      Live Hammour

9)      Live Oysters

10)  Live Sea Urchins